About Thomas Publishing

Harvey Mark Thomas

Connecting Industrial
Buyers and Suppliers

Thomas Publishing Company LLC, a private, family-owned and operated company, connects buyers and suppliers across all industrial sectors. As an innovative information leader for over a century, our Company has evolved from an industrial trade print publisher into industry’s most respected and utilized group of digital-friendly businesses.

For buyers, it offers the most up to date and comprehensive product and company information on the market today. For suppliers, Thomas offers cutting edge proprietary technology and platforms designed to fill sales pipelines and increase exposure in the marketplace. For both buyers and suppliers, Thomas Publishing keeps them on top of industrial product information in a rapidly changing market.

Thomas Publishing Company LLC is committed to providing buyers and suppliers current and complete product, service and supplier information to facilitate informed business decisions.


Beyond the Green Books

For nearly a century, our Thomas Register “big green books” were considered indispensable within the American manufacturing industry.

Building on that legacy, we became a pioneer in employing digital technology in publishing. Today, we continue to be at the forefront of information technology with our content-focused proprietary software platforms that help industrial businesses connect and succeed in an increasingly digital and global marketplace. Thomas’ innovations: industry’s leading supplier discovery and product sourcing platform, content syndication services, web technologies, decision-support tools and a renowned proprietary product (and service) classification system, all help companies create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Working at Thomas

“I recently worked with my colleague to launch a Spanish-language version of our e-newsletter and website, targeting Central and South America.”

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