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Thomas International Publishing Company provides insights into key industrial markets worldwide. Learn more about the company’s products below.


We help industrial companies reach local markets around the world with targeted display advertising.

The Atingent private ad marketplace leverages The Thomas multi-lingual industrial taxonomy to identify and score website pages worldwide for contextual relevance.

This programmatic advertising platform is designed specifically for industrial companies that want to market to specific countries or regions, in local languages. Display ads are placed on website pages with content that matches the companies’ products or services, using our industrial taxonomy of over 25,000 key terms in each supported language.

This approach puts promotional messaging directly in front of potential customers when they read about specific products and services. Retargeting algorithms can reinforce these messages after the reader has left that initial engagement.

Industrial companies simply confirm the products or services to be promoted, and Atingent will implement the corresponding key terms in each language selected. Atingent can also create the display ads to be used in overseas markets.



World Industrial Reporter

wir - web

WIR delivers the latest in industrial innovation to help keep your business competitive in today’s marketplace.

Each day the World Industrial Reporter website publishes articles on innovative technologies and materials, new industrial products, enhanced manufacturing processes and plant openings.

If you are too busy to check the website frequently, you can subscribe to our twice-monthly e-newsletter, where we select the most popular topics and send them directly to your inbox.

You can also download our iOS or Android app to read these informative articles while you are on the go.

Innovation is a key driver of industrial sourcing and buying across the globe, and is closely associated with positive market and name recognition. WIR provides an easy way to reach these important decision-makers and elevate your brand.


World Industrial Reporter Español

This Spanish language website and newsletter are targeted specifically at the Latin American market.

World Industrial Reporter Español website publishes engaging articles on innovative industrial materials and technologies, as well as industrial products that are new for Spanish Latin America. This content, published in Spanish, provides the information to help businesses in this market compete locally and globally.

The World Industrial Reporter Español newsletter is distributed once each month, and is a great summary of most popular topics published daily on the website. Subscriptions are free of charge.

Placing your marketing message, in Spanish, on WIR Español enables you to easily extend your sales reach into this dynamic and growing market.


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IEN Worldwide


The highly targeted Industrial Equipment News (IEN) publications deliver intelligent and informative new product information to qualified engineering and manufacturing decision-makers worldwide.

Each market is served by their corresponding local-language digital and print publications, and email newsletters. Thomas is a joint-venture partner and/or sales agent for each of these publications.


The gold standard of industrial publications and the market leader since 1974 in Latin America’s largest economy, with annual imports of $130 billion. The most complete, current and qualified audience of engineering, specification, plant operations, corporate, and purchasing management all look to NEI-Brazil for new products and technologies. In Portuguese.

ProductNavi / SeihinNavi

The most effective integrated print and online medium for reaching top decision-makers within Japanese industrial and engineering companies. Published in Tokyo, in Japanese, each issue is a leading source of new industrial and electronic products Japan, the US, and other countries worldwide.


Reaches an unsurpassed pan-European audience of design engineers, decision-making executives, specifiers and buyers across all manufacturing sectors. This is a cost efficient, English-language print / digital media for major European industrial markets including UK, Benelux, Scandinavia, CEE, Germany, France, Italy.


Delivers exclusive readership in the multi-tiered French industrial sectors of middle to high technologies. PEI targets key design and engineering management within local and French subsidiary companies as the most responsive industrial publication serving the country. In French.


An important source of information for construction and design engineers, as well as technical management. It features up to date technical articles, interviews with leading players in the automation industry, product and industry news in German.


Within the world’s seventh largest industrial economy, IEN Italia provides the most targeted readership in design engineering and manufacturing, reaching 14,100 decision-makers in more than 12,000 companies in Italian.


Endustri Dunyası reaches industrial designers and manufacturing executives across the spectrum of the Turkish industry. It is the reliable source that industrial decision makers choose when searching for new products and solutions in the industrial field. In Turkish.


Processing & Control News Europe, launched in November 2004, is distributed in over 50 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle-East and the Americas, offering solutions to process and control engineers and management. The magazine covers every aspect of process engineering including: process and plant design, plant operation and quality control, maintenance, energy, safety and environmental issues.


Established in 1993, Manutenzione is the official publication of the Italian Maintenance Association (A.I.MAN), reaching nearly 3,800 of the country’s largest manufacturing and processing sites. It focuses directly on every aspect of the Italian MRO market including maintenance, repair, replacement and operations representing 90% of all MRO expenditures in Italian.


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